Rebekah's Blog

4//9/18   It is SOOO cold outside. I can't believe how different this year is from last year.  Hopefully the weather will turn around and allow the vegetables to grow!. The garage and basement are full and want to go outside for some REAL sun. 

If you are considering joining a CSA, ours is very flexible. We have a full share weekly, a half share each week, or a full share ever-other week.  

I was asked what kind of veggies we grow. I would say the "normal" veggies. At times we have some different things like Okra, egg plant and garlic scapes. Don't worry, we'll help you figure out what to do with them. 

I look forward to the growing season and I hope you will join me on this journey.

4/29/18 The weather has finally turned. We spent most of the day in the field tilling and putting down plastic. Cole crops are going in tomorrow as we ran out of time.  Our CSA members received a share of lettuce, spinach and radishes. It is nice to see efforts working out. The plants are happier in the warm weather too. Time to plant and start more seeds!

5/17 How do people keep up with paperwork and farm 5 acres by themselves?? Sorry about the lack of news, but I can't do everything!! Plants are finally going in the ground. We had a BIG set back with Hail destroying the asparagus and rhubarb, not to mention the house and the hoop houses. Then 2 weeks of rain.  Hopefully the strawberries will pull through! This week for CSA is more letuce, spinach and asparagus. Green onions with be the  high light.

6/5  Finding the time to write and do all the work at the farm is crazy!! Strawberries are almost in season. This week CSA will get a sample. Green onions, Lettuce, and radishes will round out the share. If you like to pull weeds, my farm is the place to be and where you can find me!!

6/15 Woke up to a line of rain. :( Need to be out picking strawberries. This week I am very lucky that all the berries I can pick are sold. If you need berries, please call ahead. I am not sure how this heat wave will effect the berries until next week.  The CSA week 7 received green onions, strawberries, kohlrabi and kale. Next week garlic scapes, snap peas and radishes. 

10/10 Where did the time go? I've been so busy, I am only not busy right now because it is miserably wet in the field. The CSA has 2 weeks left for the every week and this week or next week is the last for the everyother week. With the freeze coming tomorrow night, produce will be minimal. I am also almost out of all the winter squash. I know I need to plant more for next year!!